VRF Small Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

  • VRF small vacuum heat treatment furnace is assembled by vacuum chamber system, vacuum degassing and measuring system, heating and temperature control system, electric control system, gas charging system, auxiliary system. This furnace applied for components vacuum degassing, annealing, brazing and other heat treatment processes.


Product description :
1.Furnace structure form: horizontal or vertical, front door open (hinge structure), stainless steel materials, double layers water cooling vacuum furnace body, front door with view window;
2.System empty loading ultimate vacuum degree ≤2 x 10-4Pa, (cold condition); working vacuum degree ≤1 x 10-3Pa (1400C);
3.squirrel-cage tantalum strip heater, 5 layers shielding structure, 3 layers Mo shielding, Mo packing plate.
4.Heating method using three zones heating way, individual temperature measuring control method, PID intelligent temp controller; take low voltage big current heating power, power voltage lower than 45V.
5.Furnace structure is compact, reasonable allocation, good appearance, easy for operation and maintain.
6.In degassing process, if system expose in ATM, it can start protection function, avoid component damage. Power shut, water off and the system cannot maintain vacuum condition, the furnace has protection device, make whole system under interlock protection.
7.The system using touch screen + PLC control method, with soft, can set and real time display the temperature value and vacuum degree in process. The process parameters can input into Windows Office soft.