VQB Small Vacuum Brazing Furnace

  • VQB small vacuum brazing furnace was applied for aerospace, aviation, electronic industries components treatment. It takes double layers water cooling, electronic lifting, bell type stainless steel structure, three zones Y type heating, with water cooling full metal heat insulation wall, auto temperature control, all processes can be controlled by computer.


Ultimate vacuum : 1 x 10-5Pa
Working vacuum:system expose in ATM condition in short time then charging dry N gas and degassing, the vacuum degree can achieve 1 x 10-4Pa in 60 min.
Pressure rising rate of system: ≤0.2 Pa/h ( average value after pump closed 12 hours)
Working zone dimension: vertical hating zone Φ300 x 350mm(h); temp uniformity zone Φ200 X250mm
Working zone temperature: Max heating temp 1000C; rated heating temp range~ 850C; temp uniformity ±3C
Working zone heating control method: programmable auto control, process control, monitor, data collection and treatment by computer auto control.
Temperature control accuracy: constant temp zone ±3C
Thermocouple temperature measuring accuracy: <1C
One way process gas path matched, quality flow gauge adjust gas flow.