Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace

  • Vacuum hot-pressing furnace is a complete set of equipments, that forms materials by hot-pressing under the condition of vacuum (or other) atmosphere. It is applied in the metal composite or ceramic powder composite hot-pressing sintering molding.The equipment adopts the resistive heating, driven by oil cylinder pressure head under pressure, which can realize automatic compression pressure, slow to load for the displacement and rising speed can realize automatic control, the unique head sealing structure realizes long service life.


Spec\ModelRVP-3312RVP-5513RVP-5518Working Zone Size (W*H*L)320*320*1200mm500*500*1300mm500*500*1800mmMax. Weight250Kg500Kg800KgMax.Temperature1800°C1800°C1800°CTemperature uniformity under vacuum±5°C±5°C±5°CTemperature uniformity under pressure±7.5°C±10°C±10°CHeating Power210Kw300Kw360KwUltimate Vacuum2Pa2Pa2PaPressure Rising Rate0.67Pa/h0.67Pa/h0.67Pa/hWorking pressure20/60/100Bar20/60/100Bar20/60/100BarProcess gasAr/N2/H2/CH4Ar/N2/H2/CH4Ar/N2/H2/CH4The above specifications are defined according to cemented carbide part. The above parameters can be adjusted to the process requirements, they are not as acceptance standard, the detail spec. will be stated in the technical proposal and agreements.