Medium Duty Rack



Medium Duty Rack is the perfect storage system for warehouse and industrial applications. This model warehouse rack is commonly used and applied to store hardware, automotive and other spare parts, such as spare parts, bulk retail, and archive storage. Medium Duty Storage Racks can be configured to accommodate a variety of storage needs. This shelf is suitable for storage of small boxes to cartons. This rack is available with a rack system that can be adjusted in height to suit your needs and can accommodate loads of up to 1.2 tons per level.

These Racking Systems offer high flexibility in terms of vertical storage, load capacity, so that it can save space.

The Medium Duty shelving system can also be used in storage and shelving solutions which are ideal for storing long steel pipes and long wood, and large items. The Medium Duty racking system is recommended for industrial use as it is specifically designed to handle medium to heavy loads and odd-shaped product materials.

Our medium duty shelving system maximizes storage capabilities and is equipped with an easy and practical storage design that is perfect for various industries in Indonesia. Our Medium Duty Racking System is also very suitable for steel, building materials, automotive materials, pallets, doors, furniture and other construction materials.

Features and Specifications:

– Available in various sizes and tasks for load capacities from 500 – 1000 kg per level.
– Loading/unloading goods manually without mechanical equipment due to long shelf spans.
– Can store items right from the smallest components to large and oddly shaped items
– Can be customized as per our clients’ specific requirements.
– Ensures a flat surface and good load bearing capacity due to Press-formed deck panels.
– Easy to configure to meet the required load volume and handling requirements.
– Adjustable block levels for different sizes of items.